Sunday, January 25, 2009

Aw....what a darling.....boy

HAHAHAHAHA nate had to go get the mail, and needed to put some clothes on...mine were the first he saw. My black sweat pants, and my purple scrubs top. LOL He just looks so darn cute.


The gang all went to fat cats last night, we had pizza and bowled till midnight! It was so much fun. But holy crap the fog outside on the roads was absoloutly IN SANE!!!!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

One of the favorites

Nate makes the best Hambagur Helper on the planet. Its currently one of our favorites. Nate makes it for us when I teach piano till the late hours! What a darling husband. :) He's a keeper!!

Prestons 27th

We went up to our cabin on the 17th to celebrate Prestons 27th birthday. WOW...hes an oldie but a goodie. We had doja chocolate cake, not so doja for nate, but what do ya do. I made cards all weekend, and nate played Wii all weekend. hes a pro bowler now. HAPPY BIRTHDAY PRESTON!!!

NEW HOBBY!!!!!!!

Now whenever nate is on his lap top or making some sort of creation....i can do some creating myself!! I love making cards, if you ever need a card done, let me know!

Friday, January 16, 2009

The triple date!!!

The gentlemen at the cheesecake factory!!
The ladies at the cheesecake factory!!
New years weekend was so much fun with the fam!!!
Nate and I went to the cabin after new years with my family... when we got there it had been so cold the icicles started to grow sideways. WEIRD!!!! We have never seen anything like that before. Pretty cool though!! dont let one of those fall on ya.
Nate finally got his dream camera. On the side he does wedding videos and music videos for friends and family. He is amazing at it, he has a real talent with filming and editing. He loves it! So if you know of anyone getting married, let Nate know, he would love to do your wedding video!!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


New years was such a blast! I know this is a little delayed, but i thought we would share how great our night was. We went to the bonsai japanese resstraunt where they cook the food in front of you! MMM so good. Then after we went back to Berg and Josh's house and played games, and drank martinellis. Then Nate and I came back home and got to business. LOL jk...but seriously! we stayed up late writing out our new goals for the year!