Sunday, January 25, 2009

Aw....what a darling.....boy

HAHAHAHAHA nate had to go get the mail, and needed to put some clothes on...mine were the first he saw. My black sweat pants, and my purple scrubs top. LOL He just looks so darn cute.

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Andrea said...

Nate is a goober. I love him! Im glad you got his pose on film... awesome pic!
And your blog is cute. I love you CARDS!! Wish I lived closer and we could create more often! The cabin looked like fun. (We are SAD we'll miss it this weekend. We have to try for another time!) And Cheesecake Factory looked good... all blonde huh!? :)
Well you still need to come VISIT!!
And by the way, you are invited to Myla's birthday party!! Sunday, march 1st, 5 pm, at BJ's mom's house in Sandy. You better be there! (Or she'll remember!)